Can't connect lines (roof rafters) to circle perimeter (high point)

Hi there,

It’s been a few hours and I can’t find a reference or search result that can help me get further. At the moment the rafters, or lines are all joining to one central high point as defined by the circle.

What I want to do is have those lines connect to the rim of the circle, as in the sketch. And as you can see in plan it’s not an even division of the circle in plan, but an even division of the Fibonacci spiral that forms the base shape and sloping “gutter” from where the rafters start.

I have quite a few gaps here in my knowledge:

  1. I don’t know how to connect the points at a lower level to the ones at a higher level without every point connecting to every other point.
  2. I have been trying to create the points on the rim of the circle using split with brep but I’m creating a central point that I don’t want and have a bad grasp of lists currently.

I’m completely stumped, and I know this would be a walk in the park for some of you wizards. Any help really appreciated, and if I can learn how to make the rafters bend this would be a big bonus.

2022-08-24 Spiral Attempt (21.8 KB)

Try to split the spiral and the circle


2022-08-24 Spiral Attempt (19.6 KB)

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Thank you for this! I had no idea about the finding closest curve function, that solves everything.

@seghierkhaled thank you, I did give this a go at first, but ran into issues solving the problem

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