Canopy Structure

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a canopy structure I did a while ago in SketchUp.
And I am having a trouble connecting points which are positions on elliptical curves with curves which will cross each other.
Basically I need to take point 0 from the first list point 1 from second and point 3 from third and connect them with the curve?

Please see attached image and Grasshopper file.

Thank you. (11.7 KB)

Something like this? (19.0 KB)


Yes, Thank you!
Just trying to get my head around lists and data trees and how to use them.

It almost works… I found when I change height of base elliptical curves rafters do not intersect with each other.
I also wonder if it possible to shift points on the top ellipse so rafters do not get the point ? (SketchUp image) (2.3 MB)

Because you use interpolated curve and it seems you don’t know much about the characteristics of it.
They will meet at the same points, not in the middle of them.

There are some ways to workaround it. For example, push your end points slightly forward and backward,
or just extend your curve ends a little bit. (2.3 MB)


Thank you HS_Kim,
I will go through your file to understand how it works.

Have done a test 3D print. But I am still fighting with the form.
How would I connect, change a data structure so points are connected on a diagonal between two existing curves?

There should be a very simple way…

Please see attached image (2.3 MB)

For example I could connect points on existing curves to create a mesh, and I will have to divide a horizontal elements with points I such a way to create a cross pattern. ? Any way will try…

If you are planning to use meshes or plugins from scratch,then there are a number of options. (2.3 MB)


Thank you Kim.
I will try to keep it as curves and surfaces just now. Maybe my approach was wrong at the beginning.
I will try making profiles first and then angle and rotate them, it will give similar canopy.

Ok I played a bit more with lists and shifting them on different curves and I can almost get the result I am after.
I tried to create cross sections divide the and connect with curves. I need to find a way to control amount of cross-sections I have.
So basically going back to using loft and isoCurve. But then I still having problems when number of isocurves I am using is small.

I have attached to screenshoots and two files. First is mine, second is yours which looks what I want to get in plan, in 3D it doesn’t work.

Option 1 (21.0 KB) (1.3 MB)

Ok I finally found a way to get the canopy I want. Slightly different approach but it works.
My next question is how to make waffle structure from it and put all rafters flat for laser cutting with labels ?
I went through a couple of tutorials but still can’t make it clean and simple ?

I have two sets of rafters which I want to intersect and produce a 2D drawing.

Thank you. (31.9 KB)

I have found an example of the connection/joint I want to get.
Still can’t find a way to do it ?

Any help is welcome )