Can't change object layer and color

I can’t change object layer and color. After selecting object to change layer, layer window doesn’t show up.
And after selecting color square in layer floating window, color palette doesn’t show up.
Am I missing something important? I just updated the latest version of Rhino5.
Please help.

I got this error message
Error Saving RUI File
Access to the Path is denied.


Was Rhino working correctly on this same machine prior to the update or is this a new install? I’m not sure I understand the issue with the Layer panel, it sounds like it wasn’t visible and then it was when the layer color option was chosen. If it’s not the docked panels but floating versions that are missing… is there another monitor they might be on?

One thought is that this may be due to not running Rhino as an admin on this system. Right click the start up shortcut and choose run as administrator to test my theory.

There have been several bugs reported that are giving messages with variations on “Errors in saving .rui file…”, so this might be one of them. If you are running the current SR8 release candidate, I think Steve said to try the next SR8 RC and see if it got fixed. That doesn’t help fix your current problem of course…


I’m getting the rui error messaage too lately. Seems like it started about the last update. I’ll try and update and report back if that helps.

So embarassing but it turnes out the other monitor’s setting issue.
Thank you so much!

This should be fixed in the next SR8 release candidate.