Can't cap this extrusion. Tried everything. Help!

I followed the instructions all the way through as shown here but when I extrude, the surface is still un-capped. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions how to cap this or what Im doing wrong? Im attaching the file for review. Thank you.capping-problem.3dm (268.3 KB)

You’re not doing anything wrong. Your file contains a closed polysrf and the crv that defines the outline.

The capped ends weren’t shading due to an issue with the curve. There are three areas where control points are closer than or equal to the unit tolerance of the file currently .01 inches.

If you turn on the control points and delete a few points in these areas it will all shade correctly when extruded.

Here’s a fixed curve too…NewCrv.3dm (280.0 KB)

@pascal @chuck this is a good example of the use of TestValidateControlPointSpacing in v6. It helped me identify the problem areas.

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Thank you Brian! That did it!