Another Extrusion question

I imported a DXF file and ensured all areas to be extruded are closed and planar. The problem is I cannot get them to be solid. I want to 3d print this keyring for a friend, but battle to get the extrusions done. I battle with the boat outline as well as the small curved sides I zoomed into.

Without seeing the file, difficult to know. If all the curves are indeed closed and planar, and the extrusions still don’t cap, it’s possible that the curves are bad objects, or perhaps have stacked control points or micro length segments in them. Could you export just the curves that don’t cap into solids and post the file here?


I imported this file form dxf. It could very well be all those things you mentioned. My problem is, I know toooo little to solve this. yet.selected.3dm (2.2 MB)

That seems to extrude without any problems here:

You are running a Rhino 5 version from 2013. Perhaps time to update to a recent Service Release?

man, can you believe - and I battled for days…

Well I got the latest version, and tried again, and still not able to cap. Used the same file.