Cannot use WIP on AMD radion

I can not install the WIP version cause my graphic cart is an AMD radion and it would not work with this.
I have version 5.0 on MAC and I am getting files from collegae’s on windows in version 6.0 which I can not open now. I had a WIP version 6.0 working but had to update which does not start up cause of the graphic processor.

Hi Mischa - there’s currently a lot going on with the display pipeline that the WIP uses. Until things settle down, you will have to get your colleague to save files in the Rhino 5 format for you.

@mischa.heemskerk what graphics AMD do you have? the Radeon Pro 450 in my machine seems to have no issues with latest WIP

Hi Wim,

I had an earlier version of the WIP working but it told me to update now it is not working. Is it possible to get me the previous verion of the WIP to work with for now.

Hi Mischa - I take it that you have 6.16.19134.12066 installed now?
The previous WIP can be found here:

Hi Wim,

This version is giving the same problem. I do not know which version I had before cause I overwrote the previous version of WIP. I know it is was the version of 30th of March 2019.

This is the message I get.

Hi - based on this additional information and the following post, it looks like the last version that would run on your machine is 6.15.19086. I haven’t tested this but this version might have expired already…

Hi Wim,

This is indeed the right version which I had in March. Now it is says the following, can you help me with this part.

Hi Mischa - that’s what I was afraid of…

All WIP versions expire at some point so that (1) old bugs are not reported over and over again, and (2) users upgrade to the new version once that is released.

I’m afraid that at this point, you only options are to continue using Rhino 5 or to invest in new hardware.