Cannot use Shift and Alt to control the handle in _BlendSrf

Recently found out something weird about _BlendSrf.

It’s supposed to press Shift to edit symmetrically. However, in 7.14.22010.17002, 2022-01-10
I find that it controls Ortho instead as you can see in my screenshot.

Similarly, Alt also doesn’t work. It disables all in Osnap.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the same problem, too?

Hello - I can see that Alt & Shift also act on Osnaps and Ortho (only Ortho on Windows) However, it all works if you have the key down when you click on the control - once the point is active, you can let up on the modifier key and keep the same (symmetrical or rotating) action. Does that work?


Oh, thanks. I thought it was click then drag when holding the keys! Yes, that works. How reckless I was.