Cannot set parameter value but can when divided to 1?

Hey guys,
Basically I was creating Family Types from Excel but got this error during the process.

Cannot set value “parameter value” to parameter “parameter name”

I was trying to create structural column types and change their b and h parameter values from an Excel table. I get this warning while trying to set the “b” parameter value. Interesting thing is, when I divide the input value with 1, it does set it. Maybe its a bug?

No Warning this time :point_up:

Did you try running it through a number component? Its probably coming in as text from the excel and not getting properly cast.

I did run it through integer component. Same.

Try the float one

Now I understand. Thanks @Japhy

Hi @Japhy this might be a similar issue.

I can’t seem to update the parameter? It’s a drop-down update…

Similar to a beam can be set to (BTM, TOP, Origin) (Value List)

I had thought a drop-down parameter update is from (0, 1, 2…)

passing through an Int or Number component doesn’t resolve it? What type of element is this? I’ll try to reproduce.

Hi @christopher.pires,

Looks like this issue ‘Set Element Parameter casting issue with enums · Issue #613’.

This should be fixed since v1.8.8215.8714.

Are you on an older version of RiR?

Thanks for getting back to me @Japhy & @kike

Just trying to update this Detail Item Family Parameter.

To adjust (Construction - Detail Item) Shown in the image below the drop down Options

Here is also the Family Parameters which are Instance.

RIR Version

That’s a nested family, not your typical parameter. The parameter is looking for the family which might not be available via normal means. This came up in my Hanger example. The python component gets the nested family options required for the Element Parameter change.

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