Set Parameter Inside Family


I am trying to set the parameter inside of a family- it is asking for the element itself.

I have tried to pass in the family doc- but is it actually possible to do this within the family? or can I only set family values within the project document?

The api for this is available but not as a RiR component yet (getting types from the family doc)

Hi @Japhy

I can get all the family types succesfully, but I am a bit confussed by the second part. Is it

FamilyTypes.Parameters(pass in name of parameter)

Can you post your code? I can’t dig into it right now but someone would be more likely to help if there’s more info. Thanks.

Good Point,

Ok so the first bit is the getting the DB.FamilyTypes succesfully with the code below, I just need to then be able to either get or set paramters from that:

for doc in Family_DOC:
if doc.IsFamilyDocument:
familymanager = doc.FamilyManager
print (familymanager)
Type = familymanager.Types
print (Type)
familyTypesItor = Type.ForwardIterator()
print (familyTypesItor)
while familyTypesItor.MoveNext():
print (“here”)
Familytype = familyTypesItor.Current
print (Familytype)
currentype_name = Familytype.Name
print (currentype_name)

Get to the paramter set