Excel Data Uploading Error

Hello everyone,

I tried to change the family parameters using data in excel. The output numbers changed as I inserted in the excel like I mentioned in the video. The footing height also changed.

The problem is that I also connected the elevations of the wing, vertical wall as the same to start the output of the footing height. but it did not change it`s elevation. But if I place the same family component data again to the place, it became at the right elevation above the footing.

How could I solve that problem? If you all have any better ideas, could you please explain me? I attached the Revit family data and the grasshopper scripts so that you all can watch it.

Have a nice day, everyone!!
Revit 2024.rvt (9.3 MB)

change-family-parameter.gh (142.2 KB)

HI Ei,

Can you isolate an example of the behavior that isn’t working for you? There are several plugins involved and a lot going on. Thanks

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change-family-parameter - Copy.gh (105.0 KB)

In video 1, I used the change-family-parameter - Copy .gh file which I reduced some scripts from change- family- parameter .gh and I change the footing height from 1600 to 2000 and 2000 to 1600 again. It worked and there is no errors.

change-family-parameter.gh (161.8 KB)

In video 2, I used the change family parameter .gh and when I change the footing height like in video 1, sometimes the vertical wall disappeared and I have to place it`s family data. And sometimes the parapet wall remained at the position like before I change the height. Actually I connected it to move along when I change the footing height.

But if I placed again the parapet wall family data like I placed the vertical wall again, it is at the right position. So I have to place at the rfa file everytime I change the footing height. I got the same error like this in wing.rfa or some others .rfa file.

How could I solve that problem? If you have better ideas, could you explain it to me?

Have a nice day, everyone!!