Cannot save my models on the Shapediver platform

Dear Shapediver team,

I uploaded my first model (with a free plan). First a Rhino 7 model and then a Rhino 6 model because I thought this could solve my problem but it didn’t.

Uploading and processing the models works perfectly. I can also make any desired changes in the online editor using the Grasshopper parameters. However, I cannot click the “SAVE” button. I can only exit the editor without saving (see screenshot “cannot_save_model_”).

In my Shapediver library, the two models only show as pending models (see screenshot “pending_models”). I would like to show the model publicly in the Shapediver gallery. Is this not possible with a free plan?

My Shapediver user name is thomas_do

Uploading: cannot_save_model_.PNG…

There seems to be an issue on our side: the model “slug” (last part of the url to access your model on the platform) is limited to 50 characters, but your file has a very long name and the slug is not correctly truncated:

You can simply remove some characters from the slug (in the “Info” category of the settings) and the “Save” button will become available. I have filed a bug that we will fix in the next platform release.

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Thanks for the quick help Mathieu, it works now!