Cannot draw a basic curve that stays true to the viewport

all of a sudden i cannot draw a line that stays within the viewport i am working in. in this case, the right viewport. as you can see from the perspective view it has it’s own mind on where its going. i’m not sure why this is doing this all of a sudden. i’ve never had this issue before. thank you.

Hello - if you are using OSnaps to draw, set Project on the OSnaps panel to force all snaps to the CPlane.


hi Pascal, thank you. it won’t allow me to select the project option on the Osnaps panel?

ok i’m able to turn it on but now it snaps to the c-plane, not the object snap (ie end of line)

Hi Nate - if you start the curve on the end of the line, with out Project on, and then set the Planar setting in the status bar (Bold=active) then turn on Project, the snaps will be projected to the plane through that first point.


ahhh perfect. thank you!