Cannot delete Aliases or ACAD Schemes

Not sure if these are the same issue, but I cannot delete any Aliases or ACAD Schemes.

After pressing the delete button, they appear to delete. However, after reopening the dialog, they remain.

The problem persists after closing and reopening Rhino as well.

Hi Tim - so far this all works here - do you have more than one instance of Rhino open?


Even with only one fresh Rhino instance, deleting some schemes, they seem to disappear. But after closing and reopening, those schemes are back.

test02.ini (950 Bytes)

Attached is one of theses schemes (though none of them can currently be deleted)

Hm… I cannot repeat this - I can import and then delete your text ini. Are you logged in as administrator? If not, try that, if you can.


Just ran as administrator (from the Rhino.exe), but same issue.

I just ran it on two other computers at my office, and they also had the same issue.

All running (6.7.18210.11281, 07/29/2018), but I remember this problem has persisted for awhile.

How about how you are logged into Windows itself? Is that also as an admin?

Same results. I added a new ACAD Scheme called Test. I then delete it. It disappears from the ACAD Scheme dropdown. But when I close and reopen Rhino, Test is back in the ACAD Schemes

Edit: This is with it logged out of my user, and logged into the Admin

Thanks Tim, I was able to repeat the bug for schemes here and have filed it as

I have been unable to reproduce the bug for aliases not staying deleted. Are you sure only one session is open when you try and do that too? The last closed Rhino wins.

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You’re right. The aliases can be deleted, I must have had another instance. Thanks!