Can zoo cloud use worldwide? China and other country

Hi all,
My company decide to purchase Rhino6 in Hong Kong (HeadOffice) with the use of zoo cloud can the users in China and other country able to use the “network” version of Rhino6 ?

I use a single cloud based license of Rhino6 with no problem in Guangzhou

Thanks for the information, are you registered the account and use in the same region (Guangzhou)?
As we need to registered the license in Hong Kong and use that in mainland china and Manila.

I bought the upgrade from a reseller in Shenzhen and use the license on stationary workstations in Guangzhou. I don’t think it should matter where you use the license when you travel but better to check with McNeel. What they may not be able to answer is if the internet filtering here prevents a machine from refreshing and retrieving a license. My experience is it works fine.

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It comes down to Internet access. Some countries block, limit, or otherwise sensor Internet traffic. There isn’t anything we can do about that, but I’m not aware of any country that specifically blocks Rhino licensing.

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Hi @summy.tse,

While we can’t promise that governments won’t sensor our servers in the future, we have intentionally designed Cloud Zoo to work in China, including Hong Kong.

As of today, I am not aware of a single country where Cloud Zoo cannot be reached. We have had (and always will) have a few cases where the IT department has censored access to our servers, so that is more likely to cause trouble–but is far and few in between.


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Hi AJ,

I understand the situation of China will be a bit difficult to say, anyway thank you for the information, i think we will purchase a few license to test first.

You can test the cloud Zoo functionality using the eval license.

Thank you for all,

I have purchase the upgrade license (rhino 5 to 6 )and then registered for using the zoo cloud successfully.