Can I use someone else his Rhino student licence?


I am wondering if I can use my friends student licence when he is not using it to work on a project. Is that allowed or is that considered sharing as well?


No, that is not allowed. If your friend allows it, they are risking losing their Rhino license.

An EDU license is extended to a specific individual that we have vetted with proof of status documents at time of purchase or upgrade.

Sharing your license is expressly against the End User License Agreement.

Commercial licenses can be shared provided the single user license is never in use on multiple computers concurrently, but sharing is not allowed with EDU licenses.


That is a very clear answer. Thank you.

Hi, @John_Brock. I think I already know the answer, but would sharing my very own computer in which my license is installed be considered “sharing” the licence?

not @John_Brock but - in a strict sense yes, but for practical reasons, as long as the license is not installed on another computer owned by someone else and the computer on which it is installed remains your personal property, I think it’s acceptable. What would not be acceptable is if you sold/transferred the computer to another person with the Rhino edu license still on it.


The underlying principal is your license can never be in use on multiple computers at the same time. It is your single concurrent use license.

If your person EDU license is installed on your computer, and you lend your computer to a friend, that’s fine because then you can’t use the license either.

However, if you own two computers, and you have installed your single use license on both, and both you and your friend are running your single use license concurrently, the IS against the license agreement and you risk losing your license.


Good point… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you very mucho for your response @John_Brock.
Now as we say “looping the loop”…

My case is besides my teachership (gone) PhD Candidacy (in progress) I used to do professional work on my EDU licence (allowed a.f.a.I.k.). The person needing Rhino is my wife and colleague to work as part time for another colleague. She would use (if allowed) my laptop/licence. Can you elaborate also in this case?

This use would also be outside of the license agreement.
The non-transferrable EDU license is extended to You specifically and personally, not to your friends or family. Yes, you can use it for professional work.
This is a primary difference between a Commercial license and an EDU license.
When V6 is released, as a student, it sounds like you would still qualify for the EDU pricing. However, if you chose to upgrade it as a Commercial license, then yes, your wife could use it within the stipulations of the license agreement.

Does that help clarify?

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As water! Thank you very much.