Can we match the Gumball to the drag mode?

Is there a way to orient the gumball to the drag mode? For example, I would like to have the gumball in view mode all the time or in control polygon.
Right now I found no way to do that. I use this every day and I have to disable the gumball to be able to use the dragmode. What I’m missing?
See the attached video in 3D Max. That is what I’m looking for.

Thank you for the video, but that is not what I’m looking for. Of course I could manually align the gumball to almost any location that I want, but I 'm looking to an automatic align to the drag mode options, like in the video I posted. specially to the normal, view or screen and control polygon mode.

you have these options with the gumball:

Command: -gumballalignment
Gumball alignment ( CPlane Object World ):

“Object” will use the UVW information of the selected CP or average them if you select more than one.

Those option are good, but we only have thee option. I would like to also have screen (view), normal and Control polygon. Non of the current three option do what those drag mode do.
So, I have to disable the gumball, to get the correct effect.
For example,

  • create a curve
  • Enable the control point
  • Try to move the control point along their axes (control polygon). This doesn’t work
  • disable the gumball
  • grange the dragmode to Control Polygon
  • move the control points. You will see that they move properly along their axes.

I understand you, I just outlined what is available right now.
I would also welcome to have a synchronized behavior of the two manipulation types.

Command: -DragMode
Select drag mode. Select the same mode again to reset drag mode
( CPlane World View UVN ControlPolygon Next ):

Command: -gumballalignment
Gumball alignment ( CPlane Object World ):

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