Free move origin of Gumball isn't view aligned

The free move origin seems to be truly free, but wouldn’t it be more useful if it was view align constrained?

Why are the two first vertices I move translated in such extreme way along the (world) Y-axis, while the two second I move seem more like what one would expect?

Hello - if you move the origin it behaves like any point, constrained to the current CPlane. In this case I’d turn on DragMode > ControlPolygon, or set the Gumbal to align by object and use the arrows and planes.


In every other 3D software I’ve tried, the “free” movement usually constrained to the current view.

Thanks for the tip about the DragMode command… (again, one of those impossibly unintuitive hidden Rhino features), but I would have thought that DragMode - View was what I was looking for, but that also pulled the point extremely close to the camera.

EDIT: Turns out DragMode does work, but not with the Gumball! Sort of illogical, and feels like it kinda limits the usefulness of the Gumball, but ok.

Right.One or the other - I have shortcut keys that toggle them. One handy feature about DragMode is that if you set the same drag mode twice, it toggles back to normal (Cplane) So, if you make a shortcut or alias for _DragMode _ControlPolygon you can use the same shortcut to toggle the mode.