Can we have a reset for individual settings?

Instead of having one global reset button it would be nice to have an individual reset option for each setting.

C4D does it like so… you right click on the option you want to reset and you get a menu to reset it to default.

Enscape does it like so… you hover the mouse over the paramater and an arrow appears which you can click to reset the value back to default.


Thanks for suggesting this and for including the images of other add-ons.

We logged it as RH-77282 Reset for Individual settings on the Options pages.

This will be reviewed by the UI team for a future Rhino.
If/when it is implemented, you will be notified here in this thread.

Mary Ann Fugier


Hi Mary Ann, thank you! Is the page working or maybe its not public?

Give it a try now., @ShynnSup.
There are try “locks” on the YT to open up view.
I think we are set now.

Mary Ann Fugier

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