Displaying Cycles (Raycast) along with RhinoRender in the list of render engines

Is it possible when creating a render to see Cycles displayed along with RhinoRender.

That is particularly important when creating an animation using Bongo 2.0. I cannot use Cycles because it is not displayed in the list.

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At this point in time, the Cycles render engine is only exposed in Rhino as a display mode (Raytraced). At some point in the RH7 WIP development cycle, it will also be possible to use it as a “renderer” the way RhinoRender is used. I’m not sure what the plans are with respect to fundamental changes in the SDK which will make plugins like Bongo not run on RH7…

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Rhino7 seems a mirage right now as Rhino6 was just released. If I remember correctly Rhino5 was released more than 5 years ago. So I assume Rhino7 to come around 2022 or something.

Do you know if there are any plans to at least expose cycles to Grasshopper. Simple animations like the ones Bongo does can also be made with Grasshopper. Perhaps short term we can get pseudo-keyframe rendering using cycles with GH component.

I am familiar with cycles since its integration in blender and it’s way better than RhinoRender no doubt everyone would prefer it.

You can use the aforementioned Raytraced (which is the Cycles integration for Rhino) viewport mode also with Bongo to create animations. I have done so successfully - a very quick test animation using the Raytracedviewport and Bongo:

and one animating focal blur with Bongo, rendered with Raytraced viewport:

Current integration with GH is through GhShaderNodes so that you can build shaders for Raytraced using GH.

Bongo/GH working together is being implemented.

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