Blender Cycles features lacking from Rhino Cycles?

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Hi Nathan,
I should have worded that better . . . I mean more directly accessible. I might be wrong, but it seams that there are quite a few command line options for Cycles instead of features in the UI. I don’t even know where a comprehensive list of those command line options are found, although I haven’t looked to hard to be honest. It’s a cumbersome way to work, especially when tweaking parameters. That, at least to me, makes it more complex to use. I’m glad to hear that might change for Rhino7 but V6 just came out so V7 is years away.

Will Rhino Cycles be getting regular updates and enhancements? Or is it a “wait until Rhino V7 comes out” before any real features are introduced?

I totally understand. However, I think there are a lot of advanced Rhino users doing solid rendering production work out of Rhino. Could Cycles maybe have an “Advanced” tab or something like that for power users displaying ALL features? The new Vray Plugin does this. I think that Cycles is an amazing addition to Rhino – however, it could be jaw dropping if the UI made everything it can do accessible. Pair Cycles with Bongo and Grasshopper animation and wow!

Terrific! That’s great news! However . . . we’ve been talking about new Bongo features for several years and there’s only been V2 bug fixes. I don’t know if Bongo V3 is a few months away or if it’s a few years away still?

I know McNeel doesn’t have a huge staff, especially for Bongo. I get it. But, I got on the Bongo forum in 2014 and asked if Bongo was still being developed. 4 years ago we were talking about V3 and there’s no mention of even a guess on a V3 timeline. I love the McNeel products, but Bongo needs some TLC – it has HUGE potential, especially with GH integration. I’m not looking for a replacement for Max or Cinema 4D I know that’s not the intent. But some of the conversations regarding new V3 features sound amazing – but again 4 years ago and still nothing. Please throw us some indication of a timeline if possible!


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Indeed many tweaking options are found through RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions. Most of the names should correspond to Blender Cycles settings - most of them sampling and integrator related.

I’m not going to promise any UI during v6, though. Enough to do already as it is :wink:

I continue to work on Rhino Cycles even for v6. Right now Clipping Planes and native decals are in the pipeline.

Maybe - first the other todos on my list :slight_smile:

You can already use Bongo and Cycles. And Grasshopper you can of course already use to create new shaders…

I only know what is typed in the room next door, but for timelines I’ll defer the question to @andy.

Thank you Nathan, I appreciate your time on these questions and comments.

Good to know, I’ll play around! I’m still doing my production work in V5 cause I’ve been waiting until all my plugins were ported over (which they have been now), but will be switching over fully to V6 in the next couple of weeks.

YESSSSSSS! Thank you!

Wait a minute, stop the presses! I didn’t know you guys had Cycles and Bongo working already, I hadn’t even tried. So . . . I know you mentioned that the animated Grasshopper nodes were eventually supposed to work through Bongo, but since Cycles has in viewport rendering how big of a deal would be to render out separate frames of the animated nodes in Grasshopper with Cycles? Here’s just the GIF I’m talking about, there’s a lot in that post link in my previous post above:

Hopefully Andy can chime in, thanks for deferring to him. I’m not trying to be a pain asking a timeline, I know you guys hate that question, but it’s been a really long time since Bongo has been updated and it’s becoming a bigger and bigger part of my work, so I had to ask . . .

Thanks again,

Sorry, the presses are not allowed any downtime, there are demanding users…

Some quick tests I did with some features I added/enabled for Bongo, rendered with Bongo+Cycles(Raytraced)

I suppose you could write a component that waits for N time and then does a scripted viewport capture. Haven’t really thought about it, to be honest.

Well, it gets continuously fixes. Not to mention the small features I sneaked into Bongo to get focal blur animation and light intensity animation…

Of course. If users weren’t obnox asking we’d not get new features :slight_smile:

Very cool! Thanks for letting us know about this!

I’m going to have to play around with this when I get a chance. GH animations could open up some doors for sure until Bongo can take on handling the GH info.

We appreciate it, small things like this can make a huge difference in a professional animation.

I promise not to be obnoxious.

I made a script that does just this for Neon. Worked like a charm in V5 and I am revisiting this script this week, so I’ll see if I can get it to run in V6 with Cycles as well.

Sounds like it should work easily then.

That’s terrific Holo! I’m not very versed in GH yet, still have a lot to learn – is there anyway you could get it to capture at a specific resolution? Specifically HD 1920x1080.

Thanks for letting us know about this.


Is it so that in Bongo it’s possible to control focal blur using raytraced?
(say setting frame to just 1 frame for example?)

I’m thinking about getting Bongo now and selling extra win V5, to get IK as well…

Yes, you should be able to animate focal distance and aperture. If you want I can double-check tomorrow when I am at work again.

Thanks! Cool.

Awesome! :+1: