Can rhino recognize potential closed curves?

I’m trying to make a macro that tells Rhino to split curves at intersection points, then to make closed curves where it can, and then to delete the non-closed curves that remain. It seems like it shouldn’t be too complicated, but I’m not having much luck. Anyone have a good strategy?

There’s a hidden command called TestGetPlanarRegions that may be of help.

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That should do it (testGetPlanarRegions), but to get curves back you’ll need DupBorder on the resulting surfaces.


Hey @Pascal,

How does one find out about test commands like this when they come out?

Thank you.


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You just read everything that gets posted here…

Hi Cosmas- you don’t… not by any method anyway- there are hundreds of test commands, the vast majority of which are useless to dangerous for users and are only there for the developers. Occasionally one will be just what’s needed to solve some problem or other and it leaks out, with the understanding that you ‘use at your own risk’ and that the command is not supported…


Got it. Make sense.

Brilliant, as always. Thanks guys.