Can Rhino automatically save to clipboard measurement and reuse them?

Can Rhino save to clipboard a dimension made by tools “length”, “distance”, etc? I often measure some distance or length then copy it from the command history panel and past it to the value of a tool - a very clumsy workflow. It will be cool to save measurements automatically to the clipboard and afterward when calling a tool that requires value input it prompts to set this measurement data automatically. Maybe it is already implemented but I don’t know how to enable it.

It is (sorta) implemented in the opposite way in Rhino. In a command that requires a numerical input, you can type “Length” or “Distance”, then go measure the object you want to copy the length or distance from, and the value will automatically be put into the command in progress.


  1. Make a cube 100 x 100 x 100
  2. Start the Line command and place the start point somewhere
  3. Type Distance
  4. Measure the distance of the diagonal of the cube by clicking on two opposite corners
  5. The length of the line is now constrained to the diagonal distance (173.205)
  6. Set the end point of the line

This would be a better word for the title than “dimensions”

Generally I think working with reference geometry you can snap to is more accurate that measuring and copy pasting a value which might not even be displayed at full precision.

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Yea, thank you!

It’s solution, thank you!

Distance, Length, Radius, Diameter are all nestable inside other commands.


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Dear Pascal,

I see you mention this regularly.
Is there a documentation available online about all available nestable commands ?


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