Licence manager is horrible - more rhino 6 breaks things that were never a problem before


I use Rhino as my primary sculpting platform. As it’s just me sculpting I use my Surface studio at home (big screen), and then i have a surface pro (laptop) i use when i am on the road. So typically The studio is always on the internet and the laptop is only on from time to time if the hotel i stay at has wifi. I am never using both computers at the same time unless i’m copying files or backing stuff up.

I brought my surface laptop with me on my last cruise, because i thought i could sculpt on the sea days - only to get stuck with a licence manager prompt saying there is no internet. I could not get around this. (it kept giving internet errors. It also mentions a key? As i was not aware this would be a problem and had no internet access I’m not sure if i had the key on hand if i could have entered it to get around the internet issue.

Thus i ended up sculpting on the far more reliable Rhino 5 which operates as normal. This workaround was OK as i was making new models at the time that i could later save in rhino 6, however i often work with custom clients at shows where i need to access my rhino 6 models to show the end customer. At the last show i went to show the client a model and could not load it because there was no internet in the vendor hall.

I guess I’m looking for tips … How can i assure that my Rhino 6 will work when I’m out of the office with my Laptop and there is no internet.

You will need to run Rhino for at least a few moments on the computer you are taking with you on your trip just before you leave. That will get your license from your cloud account to that computer. In principle you can then be disconnected for up to 2 weeks before the license needs to be renewed.

If your trip is longer than two weeks without the possibility of an internet connection, currently you have only one course of action:

  1. Log into your Rhino account and remove the license from there
  2. Start Rhino on the computer you are taking on your trip, when it doesn’t find the online license it will offer you the possibility of adding a license locally. Do that.
  3. When you return, remove the license locally from the computer, log into your Rhino account and put it back.

That’s just the way it is currently. Yes, I agree it’s not “ideal”.


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