GH on Trial Rhino?

Hello, I just downloaded the trial copy of Rhino for mac 5.4.2, running on yosemite 10.10.5. Does GH run on the trial? typing explicityhistory gives “unknown command”.



Did you try typing Grasshopper? I’m not at my computer at the moment and can’t specifically remember if Grasshopper runs on Yosemite. It may require a newer operating system version (not sure so don’t take my word for that).

Also, if your trial version is expired then grasshopper won’t run.

I tried typing grasshopper…just to make sure -grasshopper comes preinstalled with the Rhino trial? this seems strange to me but I can’t find anywhere that just says where to download it for mac…

Hi Marcus-

I suspect there are two problems here…

First, you have likely not validated your license. Please run _ValidateLicense and then Quit and relaunch Rhino. Grasshopper should autocomplete, however…

Second, Grasshopper will not run on Yosemite. The command will autocomplete, but you should see a dialog that say that you will need El Capitan or better.