Wish List: Pre Naked Edge, Blendsrf with multiple edge matchsrf

_Pre Naked Edge Tool
When checking for naked edges, right now I just join and showedges to see them, the explode to fix if theree are. It would be helpful if there’s a command to just select the relevant unjoined surfaces edges, and check if it will be naked edge IF joined.
Maybe option to just select one surface and check all the edges to the adjacent surfaces.
_Blendsrf with multiple edge matchsrf
Blendsrf is great stuff but, getting good continuity on the nonedge adjacent sides of the produced surface can be problematic. but, I was taught that matchsrf with multiple edges can help with this.
Maybe also sweep2 with matchsrf multiple.

There is a command _JoinEdge which might be used. If the value displayed is below your absolute tolerance, Join should make no naked edge.

Indeed this would be very helpful. I spend a lot of time in the past tweaking the start and end _BlendSrf section handles to match existing edges.


What you are doing is good technique for eliminating naked edges. What I do is run Join Dupborder Ctrl C+Z+V. That gives you curves marking where edges are going to fail to join. You can then go in and fix the problem areas deleting the marker curves as you go.

That is sort of what the “preserve first shape” and “preserve last shape” options in sweep2 are supposed to do. However, I find that when there is not good continuity at the first and last shape that is a pretty good indication that I don’t have the boundaries for the blendsrf or sweep2 set up well. If it is set up well the ends of a blendsrf or sweep 2 will naturally match. If it doesnt naturally match matchsrf may help, but it will never be as good as when it naturally matches.