Can not Bake out slabs


I have made all my slab options, then I have all the surfaces I want to assign them too. When I plug it all in, it seems to work but I can not bake at all.

I have tried both components (I know lunchbox doesnt work) but also trying to just do a right click bake but nothing works.


Hello @ssw1,

Please, could you send me the Grasshopper definition? I’ll check what is going on.

Amazing thankyou! see link below as I have added base surfaces rhino file.


Hello @ssw1,

I have been checking your definition and the problem is the cluster where you “make slab types”. If you explode that cluster, it works:


It looks like something we need to fix, so I have already reported the issue. In the meantime, just explode that cluster to keep on working.

Are you trying to transfer VisualARQ objects and parameters to Revit? If that’s what you need to do, we have already developed a Grasshopper definition which you can use:

Amazing! No I am just trying to then export them all as an IFC but with embedded data.

If I want to add data some parameters to an object, I thought I could do the following, using the nodes below, is that correct?

Hello @ssw1,

Yes, that is the component you need to use, but in the “Property” input you need to set a string for now (this is a problem we are working on).


Once you have baked your custom parameters, they are displayed in the “Parameters” tab:

On the other hand, if you want to export as IFC, you don’t need to use Rhino.inside.Revit for that. You can just tag the Rhino Geometry with the corresponding Ifc type (VisualARQ objects have the Ifc type defined by default), bake it and export it to Ifc.

Here you have an example of how to tag Rhino geometry with an Ifc type using the VisualARQ Grasshopper components:


If you use the VisualARQ.inside.Revit Grasshopper definition I told you about in my last post, Rhino geometry tagged with an Ifc type in Rhino will be automatically transferred to Revit, so you will not need to export to the Ifc format and then import it into Revit.

Please, let me know if you need something else.

Thats all great, my only issue is that in the script I gave you ideally I want to be able to automate my bake using a bake from the Human plug ins- I understood this one should work but I get the error in image attached? its the same as in the script I gave you before.

Cheers for all the help, I think the tool is very powerful for our office moving forward.

Hi @ssw1,

Sorry, I forgot to speak about this in my first post. This Human component doesn’t accept VisualARQ objects in the “geometry” input, but you can use the “Bake Objects” component in the “EleFront” plug-in instead.

We have run into an issue, we have found that when we create slabs in grasshopper and add styles we can now bake those out with elefront.

Out issue is now we can not set or create parameters to one of these slabs without baking them out first, then importing the slab back into grasshopper and then assigning a property and rebaking the slab element bake out.

Are we missing something? because ideally we don’t want to have to bake multiple times, we would rather have the slab, add the parameter value and then bake out all in one hit.

Hi @ssw1,

The EleFront component cannot bake just the style, it needs to bake the slab object and, at the same time, it will bake the style. As for parameters, you don’t need to bake the slabs first; I have made an example to show you how you can create a slab with parameters and bake it all in one hit: (6.2 KB)

Hi @alfmelbev

We are using this process, but with the reference below, if I just try and bake the slab itself it bakes out fine, if I try and run it through a create new paramter node it does not bake out at all.

I can not work it out, as I have taken yours into the canvas and that works ok. I have added a download link below.


Hi @ssw1,

The problem is this cluster:

I have already reported the problem. In the meantime, you can explode the cluster and baking will work.

Perfect I am working through this too and found that one- but I also think the last cluster is an issue too when I try and make parameters- I assume clusters are maybe an issue?


Hi @ssw1,

Yes, it looks like there is a problem with that since we found two issues related with it. I don’t know if they are related it yet, but they probably are. Please, if you find any other problems, let us know. I’ll keep you updated about this.