Can not attach material


I am attaching material for my project. However, there is a layer named “floor level 2 thickness” that I can not attach material. In the render view, it is the white floor. Does any know how to solve it?

Ziyao Zhang

Hi @zzcfq0725,

I guess you intended to attach your model but it isn’t with your post so it’s not possible to answer your question. Please have another go at uploading the .3dm file.



Is there any way I can load my file? The website said my file is too big.

Ziyao Zhang

Hi Ziyan -

You can upload your file here - Rhino - Upload to Support
Make sure to copy the url to this thread in the comments field.


Thank you, I have already uploaded the file.


I upload the file, no one replies to me. Is there another way to contact a technician?

Thank you.

Hi @zzcfq0725 I found your file upload from late yesterday but it was from a different email than the one you use here on the forum. For future reference, you can select objects and use the Export command to save just that selection as it’s own 3dm file so that you can upload to the forum directly.

Your issue was that the objects on that layer had mixed material assignment settings, most were not Assign by Layer. If you ungroup the objects on that layer and select the top flat surface > go into the Properties panel and then the Material section. You would need to change the option for assignment to “assign by layer”. Then the object will use the material assigned to that layer. So in your case, select everything on that layer and change Properties > Material to Assign by Layer and the material you have assigned to the layer in the Layers panel will get used.

I hope that helps.

Hi @BrianJ,

It works. Thank you.