I can’t use materials in rhino

Hi,why I can’t use the material? Its black as you can see in the picture.And when I’m trying to use other rhinos materials it doesn’t work,its just silver.

If you could attach a simple 3dm file with a sphere and the material assigned to it, I can have a quick look.

Also the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo would be good to post.

I cant,my computer doesn’t have internet😔

It’s not as simple as when your computer has internet, but you can always prepare the files on your Rhino computer and then transfer them via USB stick or Bluetooth to a computer that does have internet access.

It’s pretty hard for anyone to give help without specific information and sample files.

Dear Izabella,

perhaps your graphics card or driver are old, what you can see after running the command SystemInformation in Rhino 7. You could update your graphic card driver, and/or reduce your OpenGL level to 3.3 or 2.1.

Good luck


Thanks but it still doesn’t work,Maybe its the old graphics card or driver as you said?

And hear is Rhino system information,please can you tell me what is the problem i can’t understand.

Izabella, When you get a chance please purchase a valid copy of Rhino. Its hard to give support on cracked versions.

The requirements for an Education license are fairly low and it can be used commercially.