Can mx250 work smooth at Rhino?

todays I want to know ‘mx250 and i5 8250u can work smooth at rhino’
Because I have a laptop
but ut is too heavy to work at outdoor like cafe
so I want to buy a light laptop to work at out
And then mx250 and i5 8250u can work smooth at Rhino?

To answer that we need to know what you have and how that works with what you need to do :slight_smile:

Do you really think you will get a useful amount of work done on Rhino sitting at a cafe? On a tiny screen with barely any room to use a mouse with heavily compromised hardware to get any sort of useful battery life? I had a 9-5 job for a while and only had a 28" primary monitor–primary!–instead of 30 like at home, and it was like…sigh fine I guess I can manage. I thought you were on a tight student budget?? If you are don’t bother, your plan is a fantasy.

I frequently do Rhino at a Cafe. I don’t think the owner will let me bring in my 3900x : (

The Mx250 bears the stigma of an entry-level GPU, but it still might do something as simple like computer mouse or do some package/bottle design. You might have to use multiple layers and hide things, as your drawing progresses. It might help to reduce the size of your textures, used in your materials. Also, lower the mesh quality in the Rhino settings.

You might be able do use the nVidia control panel to adjust the settings for more performance. You likely won’t need much of any aniosotropic filtering. Rhino’s anti-aliasing may be lowered in the application.

Perhaps a Mx250 would not be a good future purchase, knowing that you want to do CAD/design.

I won’t go cafe to work rhino often but I have to carry my laptop to many place
So my laptop have to take light weight
But laptop that have a good GPU like 1650and 1660ti is too heavy to carry ourside

So the laptop that have light weight and gpu is 8250u and mx250

Heli JimCarruthers
I find a laptop again
How about 3550h and gtx1650?
Can this laptip works smooth?

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The 1650 is close to 4x more powerfull than the mx250, so that’s a much better card for Rhino.