I gave a laptop, this laptop can use at Rhino?

cpu 9300hf
ram 8gb
vga 1660ti mobile
ssd nvme 256g
this is my laptop’s build
Can this laptop work smooth at Rhino?



It will work very good.
But I recommend 16 GB ram.

hello Holo
Also my friend is looking laptop to buy new one
And found three option
first 9300hf and gtx1660ti and 8gb ram
second 9750h and gtx1650 and 8gb ram
third 9400h and gtx1060 and 8gb ram
which is more smooth at Rhino working

It depends on your use, but the

is the fastest graphiccard and the 9750h would be the best CPU, but I don’t think the i3 will lag much behind since single core speed is important for Rhino.

Then the second option is the best?

It depends on your use.

IF you need fast graphics then go for the best GPU and
if you need fast calculations on many cores then go for the best CPU.

In single core it’s only about 10% difference, but in multicore

GPU comparisons:

(I value GPU over CPU in my use so I would go for the 1660ti)