Can I upgrade to Rhino v7 from Rhino v3?

Can I upgrade from Rhino v3 to Rhino v7 if I have a valid v3 license key?


– Dale

But under my account, when I try to add my license key (starting with “RH30…”) it displays the following message:
Adding license to Cloud Zoo
‘RH30-…’ is not a valid license key. Please enter a supported license key.

Any thoughts?

V6 was the first Rhino version to support Cloud Zoo.

Why are you attempting to add a V3 license?
You can’t.
Add the V7 upgrade license when you purchase it.
At that time you’ll be asked for the old license key as a qualifier for the V7 upgrade.

The first step is to buy the V7 upgrade.

Does that make sense?

Thanks, yes.

I thought I had to have it already associated with my account information.

Very helpful.