Can i rotate dimension text to achive this kind of result?

Really struggling to achive this kind of diagonal dimension text. Is there any solution besides exploding all dimensions and manualy rotating dimensions? Thank you!

Hi Vlad -

There is no option for this at the moment.
I’ve put the feature request on the list: RH-81829 Annotation: Slanted dimension text

well, it depends what you need it for, in a bit of a weird way it actually is possible. in the annotations styles under dimensions set the dimension text to Horizontal to view, then rotate the view itself the degree you want, the text of the dimension will stay aligned, the rest will be rotated, for representations matters you would have to rotate the output back.

thank you for your responses.
i will actually try to rotate the view in such a way, i need to phisicaly print this kind of drawings regarding furniture construction so that my coworkers will be able to see all of the dimensions.

Have a good one, cheers