Can I have several versions of tekla live link at once?

I’m using lots of Tekla Structures versions (ex: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022)
so I want it be installed these versions together.

So, I tried to install live link 2020 after installation of 2022,


And it says version conflict, so I thought this means both version cannot be exists at once.

But I think this message show me there can be several version installed together.

How can I have several live link versions at the same time?

Hi Hoeun,

The link will only work with one Tekla version at a time. You can check the setup on how to switch (although you know this part already):

The reason you can’t have multiple versions is that you wouldn’t be able to reuse scripts in for different Tekla versions. You would also have multiple components named Beam, Plate etc showing up whenever you search for a component, which might get confusing. Finally it would introduce a maintenance overhead.

If you find that you often need to switch versions, you could consider these batch files for switching that I created for another case. Maybe useful, or then they just make things more complicated :slight_smile:


So with this setup, all the .gha links targeting different TS versions are in the respectively named subfolders. They still need to be unblocked of course. Now, when one of the batch files is triggered it will install/copy the corresponding .gha from this folder and launch Rhino/GH. Close any currently open Rhino/GH instances prior to this.

The content of each batch file is identical (as the version name is read from the filename itself) so it’s easily extendable to new TS versions (copy+rename the batch file, and create a new subfolder with the latest link version).

You can of course create shortcuts to these batch files, or otherwise they should show up in the Windows start menu as any other executable when you start typing.




Very helpful solution, Very kind of you.
You are awesome, Thanks a million !! :smiley: :smiley:

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Can we have the it for the 2023 version of tekla

Hi Rajeev,

For that you can add a 2023 folder with the corresponding TeklaGrasshopperLink.gha inside. Then just make a copy of one (any) of the bat files and rename it to RhinoTargetingTS[2023].bat and it should work.