GH Tekla Live Link for TS 2024

Hello, There is no Live link yet for TS 2024 on the Warehouse available. Is there a timeline on the release of the new version 1.16 for TS 2024? Or are there any test versions available?

Hi Reint,

Just put up a 2024 test version here today:

Tekla 2024 has abandoned the GAC, so the .gha needs to go into the Tekla bin folder instead. There is a Setup.exe in the package that attempts to automatically move files to the right locations and clean old versions.




Thanks, Sebastian,

Are there new features that have been added to 2024 Live Link?



Hi Adi,

There should be release notes for 1.16 in the zip package that covers fixes and enhancements. Copying info about new components here.

New components

* New component "Bounding Box" that returns the bounding box of a Tekla object.
    - If the Plane input is left empty, the object's coordinate system will be used.

* New component "Get Object by GUID" that can be used to reference Tekla objects based on their GUIDS.

* New component "Set Phase" that can set the phase of any Model Object
    - Missing phases will get created. Existing phases will be updated with new names, if provided.

* New component "Phase Catalog" that can be used to select from available phases.
    - The output is the phase number.

* New component "Color Display" that can be used to add a temporary color to model objects.
    - Colors can be cleared by updating or redrawing the Tekla view.

* New component "Mesh Display" that draws a temporary mesh (mesh, surface, brep) in the Tekla view.
    - These can be cleared by updating or redrawing the Tekla view, or by deleting the component.

Hello Sebastian,

I would like to know if there is an approximate official release date for the 2024 version of this plug-in.

Currently considering if it is better to start with Tekla 2023 or Tekla 2024 on a new project. And this plugin is quite important for the work process.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Mikhail

Hi Mikhail,

The 2024 version posted above is working and stable as such, and the official release will be asap. It’s just the setup process we’re still fine-tuning so I see no harm in using it already.

As mentioned, for 2024 the .gha must be placed in the TS bin folder rather than in the GH Libraries folder, and then a redirect .ghlink file must be created in the Libraries folder. While this can be done manually, there’s also a GrasshopperTeklaLink.Setup.exe included in the above package that takes care of it.

So installation instructions for the 1.16 link above are basically

  1. Close down Rhino and Grasshopper

  2. Extract GrasshopperTeklaLink.gha and GrasshopperTeklaLink.Setup.exe from the zip package into any location on the disk.

  3. Run GrasshopperTeklaLink.Setup.exe and allow admin rights if asked for.
    This will unblock the .gha and replace any old link version.

Please report about any issues during the setup!



The GrasshopperTeklaLink.Setup.exe is working fine on my system with the alternative C:\TeklaStructures install location.

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Great, thanks for confirming!


Hello again Sebastian.

I would like to know if there is any Grasshopper-Tekla oriented training ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Hi Mikhail, not from Trimble’s side but I’d recommending checking out There’s an upcoming first edition of the Grasshopper-Tekla training now in May, but additionally there’s a bunch of free resources on the site. YouTube in general seems to have a fair amount of videos on the topic as well.



The final version of the 1.16 Live Link which supports Tekla 2024 has been released on Tekla Warehouse:

A good complement is the Grasshopper Component 1.4 with support for Rhino 8:


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