Help making object

I’m fairly new to Rhino & I’ve been struggling to make this object. Any tips would be much appreciated.

…Mainly the top profile that moves across the screw indents and around the grill.

What tutorials have you gone through to learn NURBS surface modeling in Rhino? - Rhino 5 Essential Training -
Digital Tutors / - Get Started with Modeling in Rhino & Creating a Toy Model for Rapid Prototyping in Rhino.
Early days for me but I’ve spent a year playing with Fusion360 before trying out Rhino.

The image I posted was made in Fusion369.

I’m not familiar with the Pluralsight tutorials but the tutorials are quite extensive. Based on that, you should have the Rhino skills needed to knock this out pretty quickly.

You might want to skim through the Rhino User’s Guide and the Level 1 training guide found on the Learn page for additional free tutorials.

Hello - see if the attached file helps - I’ve just approximated one quadrant and used mostly surface based and not solid operations - basically make the planar surfaces, say by extruding angled lines then some fillets between the surfaces `FilletSrf1 (Blue)

Trim things to each other, add detail filleting, the top detail and further fillets - FilletEdge where possible.

CSCBox_Maybe.3dm (802.8 KB)


Best is to construct good quality curves and then surfaces. First do the patch layout for the major surfaces. Later, add the small details and ancillary parts such as screws.

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you can try with something like this


Thanks for the file and time making it.
I’m still on Rhino 5 so couldn’t open it.

Thanks for this Diego, very helpful.
When I Fillet Edges I get the following problem as shown in the image.

yes, you can go further with the next step, you will be cutting that hole.

For sure. I’m just curious how you got that nice fillet transition into your corner edges ( on the third stage image )
I’ve been trying to figure this out all day.

If the fillet doesn’t make it. you can extend it and trim at the intersection.

Here’s the V5 version:
CSCBox_Maybe_V5.3dm (606.9 KB)

@pascal just so you know I’ve got this.


Oh! OK, thanks - Diego’s ‘solids’ way may be better anyway…

Thanks for all the help guys.
I managed to get this to work via the solids way & worked great.
Now looking over Willems file and also like this method.
Learning new stuff all the time.
Much appreciated & what a great community of helpful people.