Can CRhinoUiOptionsListCtrlEditBox accept Enter key?

Hi again

I create some text fields in my dialogs with:

AddItem( new CRhinoUiOptionsListCtrlEditBox(name…)

It works, but when I press Enter to complete the edit, I get a “Ding” sound. I have to click away to another field to get the on_edit_end notification.

How can I make my Text fields accept Enter?

This example seems to work.

Thanks Dale.

This is what I based my code from - and if you run that Sample and try and edit the first EditBox called “Name” it also gives a Beep noise when pressing return and doesn’t update.

The difference is I’ve embedded it in a CRhRdkExpandingSection. Does the holder somehow consume the return key?

And yes, I confirm that the original Sample without using RdkSections does accept return.