Confirm BoxEdit with Enter Key

i am a shortcut nerd, and fiddling around with the mouse having to aim for a little tiny box which says apply does not make me happy at all.

please people make this a fast confirmer with hitting enter only after applying any change for example. tabbing from one value to the next works great, but to complete the changes after typing the numbers having to grab the mouse for an apply thats just very unpractical.



Absolutely agree, please make it so! I keep hitting my space bar to accept changes out of habit. This just seems out sync with the way rhino accepts commands in any other dialog. Surely this is a bug.

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yup or spacebar, or even both. @dan @pascal what do you guys think?

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Started a thread about BoxEdit imporvements recently, including that ENTER (or SPACE) thing:

BoxEdit needs love! =)

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I will see if we can make that happen - it looks like Enter is not necessary to confirm entry into a number field.



thinking about it maybe even tab could already apply the changes, that would be even better.

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RH-38036 is fixed in the latest WIP

for serengeti or for mac?


what happened to this initial request?

It got fixed, and will be fixed in Rhino for Mac 6 as well as Rhino for Windows 6.

hi @brian so you say its not going to come to mac rhino v5 anymore? i am not sure what happened, i requested it for mac here hence tagged as Rhino for Mac but instead it got changed for serengeti. i am aware that the resources may be focused there but somehow i get the feeling there was a misunderstanding.

Yeah, this will not be changed in V5 - requests for changes go to Serengeti - V5 for Mac will generally not get out ahead of V5 for Windows, it will only, in some areas, catch up. This is a V6 change…


i can understand the “targeted” idea behind it, it still does not make me happy. i would have to update an entire version which i now have to wait for a long time for (no idea whenever version 6 for mac will be rolling), for a tiny change which i suggested for mac and which got changed for serengeti during a very short time instead? does not sound very fair…

using BoxEdit in V6 Mac, you still have to click ‘apply’ to implement the change, would be much more efficient to just hit enter to make the change ???


I believe this is by design, but I’m not 100% certain. @JohnM Do you know?

@tim Is the BoxEdit guy so he would know about the “Apply” button.

…and/or spacebar.


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