Can anyone help me fix this so it will boolean union?

I am struggling to figure out how to close these extrusions between the band and the setting, I can’t work out how to fix the naked edges and I can’t figure out how to make them all closed polysurfaces. I’ve tried checking for duplicates and lofting the edges but I’m clearly not doing it right.
Any help would be really appreciated. I feel like the solution is really simple bc this design is nothing special but I’m really new to this and am at my wits end.
Updated Stone Current 11-11.3dm (3.0 MB)

I have some experience modeling stone ornaments and managed to close it for you. I would say it is a good excersize at getting better at this kind of work. Good that you already know about naked edges. The way i closed them for each part was as follows:

  • the ring: still needed a Cap
  • the ends of the branches: the trick to extent existing geometry is to work off of the curves of the existing geometry. That way you can always connect a loft to a cap if it isn’t planar. So i ExtractSrf the small end of the branch from the loose part and the bigger end from the ring. Then DupBorder and immediately Loft. Then connect the three surfaces (two ends and the loft) into a solid.
  • the setting: ExtractSrf the rounded surfaces, Untrim the two edges where the hole is, then Trim the surfaces off of eachother. Join into a solid and now you can BooleanUnion everything into one.

Wasn’t sure what you aim was so i included two options (1 and 2 solids).

Updated Stone Current 11-11 Solid.3dm (8.9 MB)

Thank you!!! You’re a life saver! That explanation was so helpful as well, makes so much sense now :slight_smile:

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