Boolean Trouble

Can someone explain to me why the Boolean Union is failing for the D on this ring? Both polysurfaces are closed, no naked nor non-manifold edges. I do get a curve from the Intersect command, but it fails to trim the D.

Boolean Trouble.3dm (7.8 MB)

I extruded it inward so I wouldn’t have a problem with it sharing the same surface, I’ve changed the tolerance to different points between .0001 to .1mm, I’m at a loss as to what to try next.

I’ve tried to trim and join the two pieces, but I’ve been unsuccessful; when I am finally able to trim the two pieces correctly, I get a naked edge that refuses fixing.

Can anyone recommend a plugin (in Rhino or GH) that can handle booleans better? I’m so tired of failing booleans getting in the way of my workflow.

if you run the intersect command you will get 3 curves instead of 2

you have forced the tolerance in those surfaces in the inner corner of the D:

If you extract the surfaces and Rebuild the Edges you will see the problem.

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@jasongberger Not sure if this is the case as I am on Rhino 5 and cannot open the file …but I found whenever I create geometry from curves that were from system/text fonts…I got issues. There are quite a few threads on here about this.

Some jewellery plugins use system fonts and create issues. Rhinogold does from memory.

I avoid problems by rebuilding or creating from scratch nice clean curves always.

If you created the curves yourself then please disregard. Good luck.


Thank you @DiegoKrause, it was bugging me not knowing where the problem lied, especially since I wasn’t getting of the usual errors. It seems the real problem was with the extrude-curve-taper command.

Thank you as well @sochin, it was a system/text font. I’ve found that simplifying the curves helps. What do you mean by, “Rhinogold does from memory,” does Rhinogold have its own fonts to avoid these issues?

I’m still kind of distressed about failing Booleans, especially when it’s a tolerance issue, or when I’m trying to Boolean multiple objects at once and the whole process failing from one bad object.

@jasongberger I found with system fonts it was not a tolerance issue nor a Rhino one for me.

It was simply that system fonts provide problematic curves from which to create geometry from. This thread looks at the creation of a font plugin that creates more CAD friendly curves. I do not know if it went anywhere.

If you want to continue to use system fonts then make sure that you run the what command on the curves even after rebuilding. If they are not closed that will be your first issue later down the path.

The second issue will be that a lot of those curves overlap themselves from my experience. This will give you all sorts of issues with boolean commands.

Regarding Rhinogold…no it also had issues because from memory it used curves from system fonts. So no it is not a solution IMO unless they have changed. I used to find a lot of the geometry that came out of Rhinogold problematic in general but especially when using their gem cutters and print supports.

Personally I find it easier to create curves from scratch and I do all my fonts in t-Splines. Avoids the next manufacturing/casting issue of those font extrusion having sharp edges and no gradient on the walls that cause investment breakage.


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