Trouble with Boolean Union

Hi I am trying to put this sort of visor on to my cube and it won’t let me do it. Also I am trying to cut out the inner area as well and it won’t let me do that. Any suggestions?

Then post a file

What do you mean post a file? I just did and I told you what I am having trouble with. Let me explain, I need the goggle frame booleaned to that cube. In addition I am trying to do a boolean difference with that inner shaped long projection, or I can do a projection of the curve but even that is not working here.

Ok so I’m going to assume your object isn’t closed. And / or the objects you are trying to union have coincident / co-planar faces.

Are those 9 rounded cubes one closed polysurface?

Yes the rounded cubes are all joined together

Ill get you a close up of the cubes hold up

Any naked or non-manifold edges?

So yes, each of these cubes makes one poly surface. They were beveled and put together

See this is complicated without a Rhino file.

Are the 9 rounded cubes booled into one single solid union?

Yes they are all booleaned together. One unit

Intersection curve ends at a naked edge. When I tried to boolean the goggles, that’s what it said.

In your screenshot the oblong frame and the cubes object do not intersect.

It would really be much easier to solve your problem if you posted a Rhino file with the relevant geometry

They are intersecting here check it out.

And when you select the two objects what does the command line show?

Here is what I see on my end if that helps

As @martinsiegrist suggested 3 times: Post your Rhino file so people are not trying to guess what’s wrong. This is so inefficient and a waste of time both for you and anybody trying to help you out.

Use this button to upload your Rhino file:

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That does not help because you did not select anything.

I’m unable to help you without you posting a Rhino file.

Your model is full of naked edges which you can see using the ZoomNaked command:

Exploding and joining solves this but your model also has no bottom:

For boolean union to work you’d want to have to closed polysurfaces.

Basically what @martinsiegrist was suggesting

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I have already sent the file

I cant close the bottom because it needs to be open. Like a lampshade