Camera Rotates on path

I’m new to Bongo, just getting started in fact after watching Dave’s Lynda course (good introduction by-the-way). I’ve set a path for my camera to move along, and another for my target. Both are Rhino curves, both pure arcs.

My problems is that the camera is rolling at random points along the path, i.e. its z direction is changing. I can’t find anyway to stop this happening.

I have searched and found that there was a bug reported on this back in 2014 - I assume this has been fixed. However, as I am using a trial version (9 days left), I don’t seem to be able to check for updates. The version of Bongo I downloaded is Bongo_20_Release_x64_English_20141114.msi.

Before I buy a licence I’d like to know that this can be fixed - hopefully I’m just missing something. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks.

As far as I know, there is no bug.
Could you upload the model so that we can have a look.

Thanks for your reply, Luc. The bug was mentioned in a couple of threads from the middle of last year (they came up when I was searching for a solution before posting), the description of the camera behaviour sounds similar to that I am experiencing.

I wondered if the trial version I am using had the service release applied as I don’t seem to be able to check for updates. I have actually contacted my reseller to buy a licence so once that comes through I’ll try an update.

I’ll have to check with my client before sending the file, hopefully won’t be a problem. I’ll get back to you on that.

Thanks for your help.

The build you mentioned above is the the most recent. No update necessary.
The update-checker is bugged however, that’s why it appears disabled. It’ll be fixed in the next Service Release.

In topic you refer to ( Marika asked the users for sample files, but didn’t get any. So I would be good to receive yours.

Thanks again for your help, Luc. I’ve put a call into my client but he hasn’t replied yet - I’ll see if I can remove the commercial elements without changing the behaviour of the camera.

Should I email the file to you?

Incidentally, we mustn’t rule out the possibility that I’ve done something stupid and it isn’t a bug at all :slight_smile:.

Newcomers seldom do stupid things. :relaxed: Maybe you are merely victim of the Z-up phenomenon.
I need to have a look. Obviously you can strip down your model to only the camera and target path curves (arcs), and leave the constraints. That’s all I need.

I hope the file is in your inbox now - sent as a message on this forum. Again, thanks for taking a look.

Got the file, thanks. You can upload files within a post (like I will do in a moment) or mail to

Indead, the Z-up phenomenon : your arc is precisely upright, which causes the offending behavior. The developers will have to have a look at this.
Meanwhile you can get around the problem by rotating the complete content of your model 90° around the world’s X or Y axis, hence getting the camera and target paths horizontal in stead of vertical. Like this Bongo 001.3dm (2.6 MB)
Hopefully that’s not to inconvenient for you. Eventually do it just prior to rendering the movie.
Good luck.

Thanks very much for getting this sorted for me, Luc. Your file works perfectly. Doing the rotation isn’t a problem.

I assume that the Z-up phenomenon is a known issue, and basically I should avoid using pure arcs as paths with the axis matching the z direction. At least until the developers address it. Does that sound about right?

Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.