Camera rotates along a path


I teach a basic CAD course to architectural students, and usually end the course with a small Bongo introduction. My usual method was to draw a circle for camera path and use this to create a fly-around a building structure. I would also make a short target path along the building. This worked fine with Bongo 1.0, but I just tried Bongo 2, and now the camera rotates (rolls) uncontrollably along the path. It also only moves a short distance along the path.

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Can you please post/send me the model so that we can have a look at what’s going on?


Is there any solution for this? Can you constrain the camera / view z axis?

I’ve got a camera moving around a tilted oval path whilst targeted on a single point. It goes all the way around, but the view tilts to the side. This makes looping impossible as it doesn’t return to the same start view.

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Can you send me an example model please? So that we can have a look at what’s going on.
You can send it to:


Any update regarding this - could you locate the problem in my file?

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Yes, and the problem has been fixed and the fix will be in the next Service Release of Bongo 2.0.

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What are the details on this and is there a work-around in the mean time?


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The problem was caused by a bug, so now work around, the only fix is to download and install the next SR when it is released.


Any indication as to a time frame for the next service release?

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As soon as it is ready. Hopefully this week.

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Bongo 2.0 SR4 is now available from:

Please test to see if it works better for you now, if you find any problems let me know.