Unusual camera keyframe behaviour

Hi everyone!

We’re in the middle of a big project, in which we’ve decided to give Bongo in Rhino a run. We like the interface and the movement options, it’s been great so far!

However, we’re now starting to move into more complex animations, and the camera keyframes seem to be throwing up some very strange movements! I’ve attached a gif in this link (Linky) to show what is happening, there doesn’t seem to be a difference when spherical tweening is the same, and the rotational values are all the same between each keyframe.

We’ve also tried using the targeting/camera path contraints options, and this seems to make the camera more stable until it suddenly flips again!

Any advice would be great, I imagine we’re missing a very simple option!

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Can you please give info on how the camera action is initiated: a constraint of camera and/or target to a moving object or a to a path or ….? A sample file can be illuminating.

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As Luc pointed out, can you please send/post an example file?
Without seeing the model it’s quite hard to say what goes wrong.
If there’s confidential data in the file you can just remove that and only leave the camera animation.

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Hello! There is a dropbox link here Dropbox Link in which you can see the camera path, we have had to strip a fair bit out, but this shows how we’ve been setting up the camera.



Thank you Ben for the model!
It helped and I know what the problem is now.
It’s what we call the z-up problem. When the camera goes over the z-axis or is parallell to it doesn’t know which way is up and down and therefore flips. I’ll ask the developer to have a look at it, but he just went on Christmas holiday so it can take a while.
In the meantime the quickest fix for the animation - rotate the model 90 degrees so that the camera for the view animation won’t be facing up the z-axis.

Many thanks for your response! I’m glad it’s not a setting I’ve missed, as I’ve been doing a lot of research into it all!

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Hi Marika,

today I run in the same problem, a camera moved a long a path from front to top view. I send you an email with my project file. Now I found this thread here. Is there any other solution? Maybe the z-axis is defined by cplanes and can be swapped?

(Since I use a HDRI panorama for lighting I can’t turn the whole scene.)


Micha, I just answered your email.