Camera target to path inaccuracy

I’ve got a simple flythrough setup with curves for the camera and target, and the very last bit of it has an aggravating ‘jiggle’ to it because, far as I can see, the precision with which the camera is getting rotated to meet the target path is inadequate, ShowCamera shows me the centerline of the camera view shifting around relative to the point tracing the current frame position on the target curve. I just tried adding a keyframe very close to the end to help ‘nail it down’ and that just made it worse.


Can you please send the model to me ( so that we can have a look at it?

Feel free to delete all of the geometry and only leave the paths.

Unfortunately(in that I can’t repeat it now) I fixed it by fuzting around with the curves, making them longer and changing their direction, it seems okay now even after flipping them back.