Camera Orbit Pivot command?

Is there already a command to specify camera pivot when orbiting? Sometimes when changing a view and trying to orbit the camera it may move by a large distance, because it’s pivot point is located far away. I’ve noticed that holding ctrl+shift and pointing cursor to a nearby object forces camera to orbit around it, but I wonder if there could be a command that specifies it more explicitly (prompting for a 3dd point).

Hi @Daniel_Krajnik, the point a (perspective) camera rotates around when a view is rotated is the camera’s target. There is no direct command to change it but it can be adjusted using the ViewportProperties command, eg. with below macro:

! _-ViewportProperties _CameraTarget _Enter _Pause _Enter

The macro pauses and prompts for the new camera target in the active view. You can do the same using a script:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def SetCameraTarget():
    point = rs.GetPoint("New target location")
    if not point: return
    rs.ViewCameraTarget(view=None, camera=None, target=point)


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Brilliant, thanks a lot for the script and explanation. That makes sense