Camera locked to top viewpor

I’ve just upload shapediver definition and realized that top view is locked and that I can’t pan or 3d orbit scene . I check camera setup but top view is disabled. I tried with another grasshopper definition but it happened again. How to “unlock” the scene?

It works now. Probably it was some temporary problem.

We rolled out an update of the viewer and the platform fixing these issues.

Camera problem appears again. I uploaded several scenes and all of them have camera locked.

Same here. Can zoom but no rotate or pan in Perspective.Using Microsoft Edge

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I could reproduce the issue using the Edge browser. @Bojan_T can you confirm this is also where the problem happens for you? We will look at it today.

@fredrik @Bojan_T The problem was just fixed, please try again.

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Now it works again, thanks.

Thank you! It’s working fine now :slight_smile:

I have a problem with default zooming when (blank page) open scene at our website:




I am aware that you can get scene zoomed when click on camera button- but it is annoying for users and many of them will not figure out. Is it possible to correct that somehow?

Could you try to update your example to the latest viewer (2.18.0). If possible, please make a new copy and leave this one online (viewer 2.17.0) so we can track a possible bug in this previous version.

This scene is now 2.18. And zoom still doesn’t work. We leave in version 2.17 so you can track a bug in previous version too.

We have just realized that this line of code api.updateSettingAsync(‘’, 90); makes problem with camera zoom.

We also try with:
api.updateSettingAsync(‘’, 90); and it also doesn’t work
So we decide to remove 3d orbit restrictions and we don’t have problem ( but unofortunately, we don’t have any more 3d orbit constraint )
The strangest thing is that we have 3d orbit constraints in thise scene and this scene perfectly works ( no problem with camera zoom).

Also, I noted that during the creation of scene 1 and scene 3, It happens several times ( with different tickets) to have problem with camera zoom after implementing ticket in our website code, but sometimes it works nice. At the same time it we never have a camera zoom problems with scene 2…

I made new links and tickets So you can track problems there: (version 2.18.0) and (version 2.17.0) Both of them have camera zoom problem ( I leave this line of code that makes problem with zoom api.updateSettingAsync(‘’, 90);

Varianten1 ticket:


Varianten 3 ticket: