Disable Pan/Zoom for orthographic cameras

I tried disabling panning and zooming under Viewer Settings, with the TOP camera selected, but unfortunately this hasn’t any effect.

It works fine with the perspective camera. Am I overlooking something or is this something that should be fixed?

I just tested this issue on several models and could not reproduce it. Could you for example try zooming and panning on this model and let me know what happens? https://app.shapediver.com/m/tutorial-6

If you can zoom and pan there, it might be a browser issue. Let me know which system and browser you are using.

Hmmmm I tested your model and it indeed works fine,
I opened my model (had to login again), and now it also works as expected…

I have no idea what changed/happened. I tried switching between the ortho and perspective cameras yesterday and it was clear the one did work and the other didn’t…

Thanks for checking!

If I enable zooming again it again doesn’t work:

I think it is somehow related to the Perspective camera: switching to this camera seems to make the setting to take effect.

I could reproduce some issues where the wrong settings are loaded with the viewer. I think it is just a problem with loading the right settings for each camera. However, when I switch several times between the different cameras and then make sure to select the right settings, I always get it work. If you play around with the settings you should find a workaround until the issue is resolved.

I will file the bug regarding the wrong loading of camera settings and let you know when it is fixed.

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