Camera Distance in PLANAR views

Hi guys, I want to be able to set the camera distance to target for a planar view and expected to be able to adjust the distance to target and height in the panel, but this isn’t possible.

The reason is that I want to have a fixed scale. I can easily do this in a script, but I think Rhino should support this in the panel too.

(I CAN set target Z location and the camera Z location, but the distance to target is locked and thus automatically updates the other no matter which I change. That it doesn’t accept a lower Z for camera than the target makes sense though)

That is not the problem.

With F6:

Planar view is parallel projection.
Like having an “infinitely far camera with infinite zoom”.
Moving the camera location/target correctly do nothing. (other than changing view direction…)

In specific, what do you do with scripts?

I agree with you, camera tab should have an option to set “zoom factor” while in parallel projection, like perspective projection have camera lens length.

Well, it still is the problem because the Lens Length is always 50 and it is grayed out… even if you manipulate the widget… so something isn’t communicating with each other in the correct manner.

PS! What tool do you use to make the view grab?

That’s because lens length is not used at all in parallel view.

F6 keyboard button
It shows current viewport camera as an object in other viewports.
Oh, you meant the gif? ScreenToGif

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