Cam for rhino

Good evening,
I currently use rhino as a go between software to water jet, router and Mill. This has been working and rhino is great at Reading all my clients random file types and versions of different software. I am however considering buying a plug in for rhino. Say the likes of rhino cam 2018. This would be used as mainly for 2 and 2 1/2 d work which my current software does well. (Artcam). So I would be looking for it to do this but also be a improvement on the 3 d milling which is becoming more regular.

Does anyone have any top tip or experience with this Plug in or recommended a different one.
I am not looking for a cheap version as it has to be fully functional.

Thanks in advance

Maybe MADCAM could be a option. It´s fully integrated in Rhino, very easy to learn, and if you only need 3 axis support it´s not expensive. License system is close to Rhino. Pay once. No yearly maintenace.