Slightly OT: CAM comparison

We have been using RhinoCAM for a 3 axis CNC router in an architecture school. It is up for renewal and so we are looking at alternatives. The obvious alternative is MadCAM, but we would also consider non-plug-ins.
Most of our milling is 3d curvy topography, sometimes with prismatic elements (e.g. buildings), and 2d panels.

  • At this point 3 axis.
  • mesh and NURBS
  • able to handle large files, with many, many surfaces
  • 2d nesting would be nice
  • engraving
  • simulations
  • toolpath(s) defined by NURBS isoparms
    Looking forward to peoples responses.

Interesting topic: looking forward to the answers too since we’re looking at buying a 3-axis!